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Pleasant, safe, peaceful environment with personalized attention.

We promote comprehensive, human, social, and Christian formation

Promovemos la formación integral


Our main rule is respect, as well as any rules determined by the management for the common benefit.

Respect between people, residents and house staff members.

Respect for common areas, especially the kitchen and bathrooms, is essential. Out of consideration for your fellow residents and the cleaning staff, it is important to maintain and preserve the common spaces in the best possible condition, just as you would like to find them.

Respecting study and sleep hours is crucial. Please be mindful of noise levels. Your fellow residents have the right to a suitable study environment and the necessary quiet conditions for rest.

Closing time for the entrance door is as follows: daily at midnight, on Fridays at 3:00 am, and on Saturdays at 5:00 am. In the morning, the door opens at 6:30 am from Monday to Friday and at 7:00 am on weekends and holidays.

Kitchen cleaning schedule: During the kitchen cleaning hours (from 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm and starting from 11:00 pm), the use of the kitchen is not allowed. The cleaning staff requires the space to be clear at least 5 minutes before starting the cleaning. Prior to that, please ensure that all your utensils are cleaned and put away.

Terrace schedule: The terraces will be closed from 11:00 pm onwards.

In the Residence, smoking is not allowed except on the terraces, and the consumption of alcohol is also prohibited.

Payments must be done the first 5 days of each month. In the event that a resident fails to pay the room fee for 2 consecutive months without providing any explanation or proposing a solution, they will be required to leave the Residence. .


T. +34 93 319 17 53 - 24/7 Customer Service